You are never too tight, too tall, too old , or too weak to begin yoga. Robyn teaches in the vinyasa style with emphasis on creativity and alignment. The pace of the class varies from fluid and dynamic to still, measured and organic. 

Robyn has been practicing yoga since 1997 accumulating over 4500 teaching hours. Robyn is an inspirational and dynamic teacher motivated by a sincere desire to offer yoga as a catalyst for personal transformation. Robyn is dedicated to the study and practice of yoga as a path toward wisdom, freedom and compassion for all. She teaches traditional methods that inspire and empower linking breath and movement to create a rhythmic vinyasa flow that awakens the soul and unlocks the fluid vibrancy residing at the core of all beings.

To get the best experience: Please arrive a few minutes early. Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a mat, a towel and any props you need. The practice is done barefoot on sticky mats. It's best to eat 2 hours prior to class. Drink plenty of water before and after class.


Thursday & Sunday 

10:30am - 11:30am